WE ARE FACED WITH AN IMPENDING CALAMITY that threatens to bankrupt the planetary ecosystem and with it much of the manmade world. Rirdan submits a plan that truly goes the distance: a highly detailed, planetary-wide blueprint that lays out a new course for our technological and industrial engines. It calls for sweeping adjustments in the way every person thinks and lives.
     The plan is grounded in over five hundred peer-reviewed articles, communication with scores of other top experts, advanced computations, and simulations. Rirdan offers immediately employable designs that lay down new paths for our economy, technology, industry, and politics.
     The plan includes renewables that in tandem can provide 24/7 power for the entire electrical grid; a radically altered economy, based on regenerative management of existing resources; and the use of rotational, intensive grazing of livestock as part of the effort to rewild nature. Furthermore, the book illustrates why a carbon neutral economy is inadequate at this late stage, and introduces a practical plan to capture hundreds of billions of tons of carbon from the air.
     The Blueprint is a call to arms, an argument for remaking the world and reclaiming the future for our children.

"An essential addition to any  environmentalist's reading list."
Kirkus Reviews

"Rirdan's book must be read so we can follow his recommendations."
              —David Suzuki, Ph.D., award-winning  scientist and environmentalist author

part I stressors

1. Climate Change: what's in stor
2. Land: stressors and prospects of further degradation
3. Sea: stressors and prospects of further degradation
4. Human Habitats: stressors and prospects of further degradation

part II mitigation

5. Transportation: on land, at sea, and in the air
6. Buildings: cutting their energy consumption by a factor of ten
7. Energy: lower-impact technologies
8. Nutrient and Water Recycling: focusing on living spaces
9. Land Use: reinventing the food system & bringing a new water source online
10. Nature Restoration: bringing back the wilderness
11. Drawing Down Carbon: the necessity to go beyond a carbon-neutral economy
12. Consumption: overpopulation, consumption habits, industry
13. Economic & Political Paradigm: what exists, what is called for, and getting there politically
Appendix A. rooftop-mounted PV panels and thin-film PV: why they don’t add up
Appendix B. carbon sequestration; two maybe’s

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